Welcome to the international MicroNanoConference 2019

December 10-11, SuperNova Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands
Where industry meets science, where problems can find solutions and where trends, challenges and new technologies are highlighted.

The international MicroNanoConference 2019 focuses on Dutch and international businesses, universities and research centers and offers an opportunity to bring these areas together to stimulate cooperation, knowledge and innovation.
The conference themes have been carefully selected and are in line with the social and economic challenges and missions determined by the Dutch government.

Health & Life science
Agro & Food
Sustainability & Energy
Manufacturing & Engineering

These topics are not only applicable to Dutch society, but worldwide. By exchanging ideas and knowledge internationally, we work together to turn the social and economic challenges that we all have into opportunities with the ultimate goal of realizing them.
The conference brings together researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to create a sustainable economic and social value to the society.

Participation to this conference is possible as an:
  • Exhibitor (table-top, workshop, sponsor, start-up, side event)
  • Presenter
  • Visitor (registration opens in July)

We wish you a warm welcome to the international MicroNano Conference 2019!


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