International MicroNanoConference 2019
December 10-11, SuperNova Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

Where industry and science meet

The Dutch association for Microsystems and Nanotechnology MinacNed is the proud organizer of the international MicroNanoConference. This conference provides a platform where micro technologies can find a way into the macro world. MinacNed welcomes everybody to join!

The combination of disciplines makes the iMNC 2019 a special conference:
• where industry meets science,
• where problems can find solutions and
• where trends, challenges and new technologies are highlighted!

During the conference a wide range of technologies are presented. Technologies that are already applied or applicable in
Health & Life science,
Agro & Food,
Sustainability & Energy,
and Manufacturing & Engineering.

Whether you work in science, in industry or in a SME, whether you are an end user or in any other way involved in microsystems & nanotechnology. Come join us in Utrecht, the Netherlands in December!

The conference brings together researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to create a sustainable economic and social value to the society.

Exhibitor registration and the Call 4 abstracts are open. We welcome you to the international MicroNanoConference 2019!

Visitors registration will open beginning July.

Participation to the internationale MicroNanoConference 2019

• Smart farming: how do you successfully grow a crop with as little waste as possible and which sensors are needed for this?

• How can production robots make any product to size without waste and for the best price? Which techniques do we need for improvement and further development?

• How can your technology or research area help you map, clean up and tackle the micro-plastics mountain in the world?

• How can Organ-on-a-Chip play an enabling role in setting up Personalized Medicine? What does the path to You-on-a-Chip look like and how to contribute to that?

• How can biosensors improve food safety?

Anyone who is involved with micro nano or works in these areas can submit an abstract or participate as an exhibitor, either from the business community or from the academic side, such as universities or research centers.

Interesting technologies: photonics and light technologies, nano-, quantum- and digital technologies, advanced materials, chemical technologies, life science technologies, engineering-, manufacturing technologies or other connecting and promising technology which has not yet been mentioned above.


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